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 Australia.Gallery is a local family-owned business that showcases a wide variety of high quality and beautiful artwork which has been sourced and/or commissioned from established and emerging Australian artists.

Since its inception, Australia.Gallery has been a big supporter of established and emerging artists in Australia, including Indigenous artists (both local and regional) and their communities.  We are proud to support these artists, their families and communities and all of our Indigenous art which is sourced from art centres and or directly from local and regional artists, this is done so ethically and transparently. 

We ensure that all artwork purchased from Indigenous artists is purchased for a fair price and artists are paid upfront before we receive their artwork (as opposed to having to wait until the artwork sells to be paid).  This is not the usual practice for artists across the world but is important to us and we consider it to be one of the reasons why Indigenous artists enjoy working with us and that we have been able to form such strong relationships.

Australia.Gallery is also an officially authorised representative gallery of the Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation, which is a prominent Indigenous Australian art centre located on the eastern side of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland and was established in 1995.  We are proud to work alongside the Lockhart River Arts Indigenous Corporation to encourage, work with, promote and represent Lockhart River artists and their diverse range of artworks by bringing those beautiful artworks to the Cairns region.

It remains a key pillar of Australia.Gallery’s mission to support young up and coming Indigenous artists from regional Queensland and Australia.

Australia.Gallery now has its very own inhouse artist, Samuel Moffat, who is extremely talented and creates some of the most beautiful paintings in Australia.  Samuel has a growing list of commissioned artworks and would love to create your next masterpiece.

You can find a selection of Australia.Gallery’s artworks at any of the following:

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We look forward to seeing you at Australia.Gallery soon.

Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss or purchase any of our artwork.

John and Kristie Grasso



Samurai Gallery Australia

John and Kristie are also the owners and operators of Samurai Gallery Australia, located at 12 Shields Street, Cairns, Australia.  Samurai Gallery Australia was established in 2014 and is the only Japanese Samurai gallery and museum in Australia. 

Samurai Gallery Australia deals in fine Japanese artwork, antiques and artefacts, including antique Samurai swords and other artefacts.