4. Samuel Moffat Art Elegance Series Oil Painting : Jade


4. Samuel Moffat Art Elegance Series

Titled: Jade

Oil On Stretched Canvas

143cm x 127cm

The Elegance series by Samuel Moffat

Samuel Moffat in his Elegance art series presents an expressive pictorial presentation of the female nude through various poses and postures. The series “Elegance” was created solely with a palette knife by building up multiple layers of oil paint. Elegance is a Series of 32 Large medium and Small Paintings. Followed by a mini Series painted with brushes.


Samuel Moffat Bio

Samuel Moffat is a passionate, prolific artist who spends most days painting in  Australia.Gallery.  

Much of Sam’s adult life has involved sketching, sculpting and more recently painting. Working in both representational and abstract styles, he draws ideas from internet sources as well as his ‘minds eye’. 

Ultimately, Sam’s inspiration stems from his world of numeral patterns and connections which influence his visual outlook. His work often invokes fantasy and Sci-fi influenced by Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Warhammer and Mad Max, for the allegorical contexts for ‘real’ life, and Jungian archetype theory combined with the art of the pre- Raphaelites, Gustav Klimt and Norman Lindsay which further echoes the romantic notion of a lost paradise with whimsical social satire. 

The music of Maurice Ravel captures and reinforces Sam’s enthusiastic and subliminal sensations with using oil paint as his expressive medium.