Riaz Maninga. Title: Impression Dancer. Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition


Riaz Maninga
Title: Impression Dancer
Size: 144cm x 93.5cm

Acylic on Canvas

Artist impression of a
tradition female dancer

from North Malaita
province, Solomon
Islands., performing a
traditional ceremonial
dance called “Taga’Ai”.


Solomon Islands Artists Association (SIAA) for the first time in Australia is proud to be exhibiting a large collection of their art works at Australia.Gallery. SIAA is a grassroots organisation made up of respected and long standing visual artists from Solomon Islands. This collection is usually only able to be seen in Honiara at the Solomon Islands Art gallery. Cairns is the first showing of these works before then travelling to be exhibited in Darwin and then Brisbane. This exhibition is anticipated to be the first of regular exhibitions in Australia by the SIAA Solomon artists collective.