Cassey Hairi.Titled Spirit of the Solomons, Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition.


Cassey Hairiu

Titled :  Spirit of the Solomons

94cm x 79cm

Spirit of Solomons

This Painting depicts the different ceremonial ornaments of the
provinces in the Solomon Islands, which I had include the:
Kapbap – A chief's head dress for feast and coronation
Taububa Spear• Polynesian ceremonial spear for worshiping
from the island of Bellona.
NguzuNguzu head • A sea god that stands on the front of war
canoes (Tomoko) for warding off bad spirits.
Zaru Bangara – A clam ornament that is used for uniting both
warring parties after war.
Feather Money – Traditional currency from Temotu province

used for solving issues and bride price.
Patterns and motifs do blend these ornaments together to form
this unique piece the Spirit of Solomons.


Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas

Solomon Islands Artists Association (SIAA) for the first time in Australia is proud to be exhibiting a large collection of their art works at Australia.Gallery. SIAA is a grassroots organisation made up of respected and long standing visual artists from Solomon Islands. This collection is usually only able to be seen in Honiara at the Solomon Islands Art gallery. Cairns is the first showing of these works before then travelling to be exhibited in Darwin and then Brisbane. This exhibition is anticipated to be the first of regular exhibitions in Australia by the SIAA Solomon artists collective.