Cassey Hairu,Titled: Nanaranta Pap  ( Crying of my Ancestors ) Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition


Cassey Hairu

Nanaranta Pap  ( Crying of my Ancestors )

77cm  x 66 cm

Title: Nanaranta Pap (Crying of my Ancestors)
Panpipe flute was part of my Are'are culture and we have
several different types. This was one of them and we called it in
my Are'are language Au Tahana, This traditional panpipe
music can only played during ceremonial feasting or
gatherings’ my painting you can see a man playing Au Tahana
traditional panpipe flute and also human figures dancing hand
in hand celebrating and enjoying each other in unity and peace.
I called my painting title: Naratana Papa (Crying of my
Ancestors) because that’s the only sounds that our Ancestors
lives back with us. When playing it or listening to this old pan
pipe music it makes us remember them and that’s the only cry
that we hear from them.

Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition
Solomon Islands Artists Association (SIAA) for the first time in Australia is proud to be exhibiting a large collection of their art works at Australia.Gallery. SIAA is a grassroots organisation made up of respected and long standing visual artists from Solomon Islands. This collection is usually only able to be seen in Honiara at the Solomon Islands Art gallery. Cairns is the first showing of these works before then travelling to be exhibited in Darwin and then Brisbane. This exhibition is anticipated to be the first of regular exhibitions in Australia by the SIAA Solomon artists collective.