Nelson Horipua, Title: Discovering the Island Sound. Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition


Art of Solomon Islands Exhibition

Nelson Horipua

Title: Discovering the Island Sound
Once there lived a beautiful young woman on an isolated island.
The islanders would come and fish around the island, but no one
bothers to explore it. One day a young man went to fish near the
island and out of curiosity he decided to explore the island. As he
set foot on the island, he found a young coconut fruit. He cut it
open and drank it selfishly to satisfy his thirstiness.
Soon after drinking the coconut, he felt sleepy and decided to lay
under the coconut tree for a quick nap. As he slept, he suddenly
had a dream. In his dream he saw the most beautiful young
woman she has never seen in his entire life. The young woman
was kneeling and was naked.
As he glanced at her, he started to hear sounds coming out from
where she was. He heard the most beautiful sound surrounding the
young woman. The sound was so unique, harmonious, and full of
melody. It was coming out from a ukulele. The young man
eventually falls in love with the beautiful young girl.
As he was awoken, he realized that it was only a dream. He

returned to hisĀ· island and village and started making ukulele. As
soon as he started playing the ukulele, people from the nearby
villages would come listen and fall in love with the sound produced
by the ukulele.
The widespread of ukulele sound was produced through this young
man who spread it throughout the islands. That is why ukulele is so
famous throughout the pacific communities.

Solomon Islands Artists Association (SIAA) for the first time in Australia is proud to be exhibiting a large collection of their art works at Australia.Gallery. SIAA is a grassroots organisation made up of respected and long standing visual artists from Solomon Islands. This collection is usually only able to be seen in Honiara at the Solomon Islands Art gallery. Cairns is the first showing of these works before then travelling to be exhibited in Darwin and then Brisbane. This exhibition is anticipated to be the first of regular exhibitions in Australia by the SIAA Solomon artists collective.