Bessie Pitjara Bush Plum Australian Aboriginal Art Painting


Bessie Pitjara Bush Plum
Unstreched Canvas
90cm x 63 cm 
Bessie is the daughter of the talented artist Polly Nelson Ngala. She is from Utopia which is renowned worldwide for their talented artists. Utopia is located 270km northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and is a region comprising of 16 small outstations of approximately 350 residents. These numbers fluctuate through-out the year.
Bessie began painting batik on silk like many artists in Utopia later moving to acrylic on canvas/linen. She began painting in the traditional style of dot art using vibrant colours and iconography to depict her dreaming’s. Her recent paintings are in the style of her mother and relatives which is a beautiful palate of colours paying respect to the Bush Plum which is an important plant to her people for food and medicine.