Bessie Pitjara Painting Titled : Bush Plum


Bush Plum Dreaming Painting

Bessie Pitjara was born in 1960 in Alhalkere country in Utopia and was taught to paint by her mother Polly Ngale and also her aunts Kathleen Ngale and Angeline Pwerle Ngale.
Her language spoken is Anmatyerre and she started her art in Batik in the 1970’s and then created her own style to the story of (Arnwekety) Bush Plum.
The bush Plum is usually found around Christmas time each year and the fruits are collected by the women and are eaten fresh or they are dried out to be consumed at a later time. During the harsh summer months, the dried bush plum is a staple diet.

Stretched Canvas

90cm  x 60cm