Betty Mbitjana Painting Titled : My Mothers Dreaming Australian Aboriginal Art


Artist: Betty Mbitjana

Betty Mbitjana is the daughter of renowned artist Minne Pwerle and sister of artist Barbara Weir. 

Titled: My Mothers Dreaming

Region of Origin: Australia

Year: 2019

Style: Desert Art

Medium: Acrylic on triple primed linen

Daughter of Minnie Pwerle.


Aboriginal Art Region: Utopia, NT.

Height (Inches) : 105cm x 45cm

REGION: Atnwengerrp-Utopia

LANGUAGE: Annatyerre-Alyawarr

SIZE: 105cm x 45cm


PAINTED; Acrylic on triple primed linen, 2019


Betty Mbitjana’s Country is Atnwengerrp, approximately 250km North East of Alice Springs in the Utopia region. Betty speaks the Anmatyerre and Alyawarr languages. Betty has always lived a traditional lifestyle, spending her early years collecting bush foods and living off the land. She comes from a large family of seven children including Eileen, June, Dora, Raymond and Barbara. Her sister Barbara Weir is a well known artist, and her mother Minnie Pwerle who is also well known for her colourful interpretations of womens cermonial body painting.
“My Mothers Dreaming”
Betty Mbitjana was taught to paint by her mother, who sadly past away in 2005, and now Betty herself paints her story and calls it “My Mother’s Dreaming”, My Mothers Country.