Dora Mbitjana Awelye Painting Australian Aboriginal Art

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Dora Mbitjana

Awelye Painting

1500 x 900

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Dora Mbitjana is a member of one of the most renowned painting families in Australia and comes from an amazing lineage of artists. Her mother was Minnie Pwerle (dcd 2006) and her great-aunt was Emily Kngwarreye (dcd 1996), two of our most celebrated artists. Born in 1965, Dora is the youngest daughter of Minnie’s seven children, including the International artist Barbara Weir.

The artists of Utopia are known for their  free use of colour and brave, bold designs, whilst still executing delicate imaging. Dora’s aunts (Minnie’s sisters), Emily, Galya and Molly who are aged between 85 and 95 years, began painting with Minnie in 2004, and whilst each lady has their distinctive style, they produce artworks possessing an elusive magic that is hard to define, full of colour and movement and fluid execution so typical of the Utopian artists.

Dora paints the Body Paint (Awleye) designs, coupled with the small roundels of bush melons and large roundels (soakages) made famous by her mother, but stamping the artworks as her own with flair and recognisable signature strong brush strokes.

Dora lives in Alice Springs, returning to her homelands of Atnwengerrp with her family often. A quiet, traditional lady who continues to pay homage to her heritage by depicting the bush tucker, ceremonial body paint and water sources in her country.

Along with her three aunts, Emily, Molly and Galya Pwerle, and her sisters Barbara Weir and Betty Mbitjana,