Fiona Omeenyo Painting. Australian Aboriginal Art

Fiona Omeenyo Painting.


Acrylic on Canvas

Award Winning Artist

Size cm x  cm

Clan groups are important in our community. Like every other race and ethnic background that values family genealogy, as an
Aboriginal woman, our clan groups represents our identity and how our great grand ancestors lived, travelled and took care of
our traditonal land


As Indigenous Australians, our way of life goes back over 60,000 years. In my community in Lockhart and within my families, our parents, grand parents, uncles and aunties and elders always kept our families together through our strong traditional cultural laws.

We have to follow certain practices on how we live daily in Country and out of Country and standing strong as families is one of our ways. Our families stand united together for many generations.

Fiona Omeenyo


Born: 18/08/1981

I’m a member of the Lockhart River Art Gang. We’re a group of young Aboriginal Artists from the east coast of
Cape York in Far North Queensland. I mainly do paintings on canvas although sometimes I do printing and
The paintings I’m painting now are about traditional family and everyday things. I still remember my home and country through
my painting even though you don’t have many elders or family around you to tell you new
stories. No matter where you go, you’re still carrying these stories and memories for a life-time.
I have four children, Franziska, Croyston, Ainsley and Waylon. I tell these stories about when I was little and it’s good for them
to know. I tell them these stories so I don’t forget where they come from, and so that I can paint about them. It gives me great
ideas on what I will paint.
My paintng is more landscape and it reminds me of when I used to draw on the dirt when we’d go fishing and camping.
When I left school and came back to Lockhart, Franzisca was born. I was like all the other mothers in Lockhart,
stay home, no job, get bored. Until one day Rosie Lloyd came and asked me to work at the art room at the
school. From there my life started getting better. I thought to myself what the hell, I’m not going to waste my life sitting at home
all the Time. I’m going to get out and make a name for my family.
‘Til today, people like my painting and my family’s proud of me, proud of what I’m doing,and I’m proud of what
I’m doing.
Sometimes when I’m bored do my best paintings.The feeling inside of me – I don’t know how to explain it – I just
let that feeling take a hold of my hand, just put the paint on the canvas and start painting away. And when I’m
painting I feel happy, just like someone’s standing next to me watching what I’m doing. Makes me feel strong.
Solo Exhibitions
• 2001: ‘My Story: Miiku, Parrot Sisters and Kuchuutu’ Andrew Baker Art Dealer,
Brisbane QLD
• 2001: June, ‘From here to there’, Short Street Gallery, Broome, Western Australia
• 2001: September, ‘ngata ngaachi’ (my country) at Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane
• 2001: November, ‘Ngaachi Pathaco (My Home)’ Hogarth Gallery, Sydney NSW
• 2002: April, Niagara Gallery, Melbourne VIC
• 2002: October, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney NSW
• 2003: May, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane QLD
• 2004: May, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane QLD
• 2004: June, Niagara Gallery, Melbourne VIC
• 2005: June, ‘Mepla go Long Way’, Andrew Baker Gallery, Brisbane QLD
• 2005: September, ‘Mepla Ngaatchi Longway – Our Home is Far Away’, Hogarth
Gallery, Sydney NSW
• 2007: Hogarth Gallery, Sydney NSW
• 2007: emerge ART SPACE, Perth WA
• 2008: March, ‘Mepla Sand beach People’, Andrew Baker Gallery, Brisbane QLD
Group ExhibiƟons
• 1998: December, ‘Message Stick’ Exhibition in Brisbane at Qld Aboriginal Creations,
• 1999: July, International Works on Paper Fair, Sydney NSW
• 1999: December, Lockhart River Art Gang ‘We Searching’ Exhibition at Qld Aboriginal Creations
• 2000: Sep 1999 – Dec 2001 ‘Message Stick’ touring exhibition by ‘The Art Gang’ from
Lockhart River, funded by Visions.
• 2000: June, ‘In my eyes’ Prints by Lockhart River Art Gang & Friends at Cairns Regional Gallery
• 2000: August, ‘The 5th National Indigenous Art of Place Award’ Exhibition at Old Parliament House in Canberra ACT
• 2000: December, ‘Pama belong sand beach’ at Queensland Aboriginal Creations in
Brisbane Qld.
• 2001: June/July, ‘Cape York Art Award’ exhibition at Laura Festival and ‘Laura Award
Winners’ Exhibition at Cairns Regional Gallery
• 2001: June, ‘Local Colours, Local Lives’ Cairns Regional Gallery Federation
Exhibition, QLD
• 2001: September, ‘Gatherings’ Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center, Brisbane
• 2002: February, ‘New Ground’ Main Street Gallery, Adelaide SA
• 2002: March, ‘International Women’s Day Event’ Vivien Anderson Gallery, Melbourne
• 2002: ‘In Language’ (A Cathedrals Week Exhibition), Ann Street Church Of Christ,
Brisbane QLD
• 2002: August, ‘Collectable Aboriginal Art Event’ Raintree Aboriginal Art Gallery,
Darwin NT
• 2002: October, ‘Inaugural Berlin Exhibition’ (Cape York Indigenous Art Showcase
Exhibition) Ludwig Erhard Haus, Berlin, Germany
• 2003: February, ‘Beneath the Monsoon: Visions of north Capricorn’ held at the Artspace in Mackay, Cairns Regional
Gallery, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery
• 2003: ‘Water: Prints from Lockhart River and the Tiwi Islands’ Queensland University of Technology Art Museum, Brisbane
• 2003: April, Gallery Gondwana, Alice Springs NT
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Brisbane QLD
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Perth WA
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2018: May – June, Lockhart River group exhibition, Art Atrium Gallery, Sydney NSW

2018: June-October, selected combined group exhibition at Foundation Burkhardt-Felder et Culture Musee de l’art
aboriegene australien “La grange” Switzerland. A permanent collection exhibition featuring Lockhart River artists, Elcho
Island artists, Tiwi Island artists and Mornington Island artists. Lockhart River artists include Irene Namok, Fiona
Omeenyo, Rosella Namok and Silas Hobson. Exhibition Titled “Islands in the sea”. Irene Namok, Silas Hobson and
Corporation Manager Enoch Perazim to be present for exhibition opening in Switzerland on 3 June 2018.

2018: June, Group exhibition, “Many Rivers to Cross”, Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania
• 2018: July, Group exhibition, Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Cairns QLD
• 2018: August, Group exhibition, Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, Darwin NT
• 2019: January, Group exhibition Titled “Which Way’, Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania
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• 2019: October 25, 4 selected ART GANG Artists auction at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art at 111 Sturt St,
Southbank Victoria 3006, Australia. Other artists included Art auction Silas Hobson , Patrick Butcher,
Rosella Namok
• 2019: October 27, 4 selected ART GANG member group Exhibtions Gallery DEBORTOLLI
Rutherglen Estates in Victoria. Exhibition Titled “Waanta Mukana – Our many yarns, our many stories”
• 2020: March, Group exhibition in Chengdu China. Group invited by Australian Consul General and DFAT. More details to be
published in October 2020 on Arts Centre’s website and Facebook page
• 2020: July to September, Group participation at under Currents Exhibition Tanks Art Centre Cairns
Indigenous Art Fair Online 2020 Exhibition
• 2018: Collection Switzerland: Foundation Burkhardt-Felder et Culture Musee de l’art aboriegene australien “La grange”,
• Thomas Vroom Collection Netherlands
• Wollongong University Collection NSW
• ATSIC Collection
• National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
• Department of Native Title Collection
• Northern Territory University Collection Darwin
• Cairns Regional Gallery, Queensland
• Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
• Permanent Collection usee de l’art aborigene australien “La grange”, Switzerland
• 1999: Cape York Art Awards – 1st Prize in Works on Paper for etching on chine colle “Spirits Dance”
• 2000: Art of Place Awards Canberra – work selected for exhibition
• 2001: Cape York Art Awards – 1st Prize paintings general for an acrylic on canvas painting “Sorrow”
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