Jeannie Petyarre Bush Medicine Leaves Painting – Aboriginal Art


Jeannie Petyare Bush Medicine Leaves Painting

Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas

95cm x 76 cm

Jeannie Petyarre (Pitjara) was one of Central Art’s most popular artists. Born in approximately 1951 at Boundary Bore, a small Aboriginal outstation in the Utopia region of Central Australia, Jeannie came from a very popular and famous Aboriginal artist family. She is the niece of the late great Emily Kame Kngwarreye (who sadly passed away in 1996). Her sister is Rosemary Petyarre and her half siblings are Evelyn Pultara and Greeny Purvis Petyarre (who sadly passed away in 2010). Jeannie paints representations of the traditional plants that her people collect and use as food sources and for medicinal purposes. In particular, she represents the Bush Yam and Bush Medicine Leaves, both of which show flowing representations of leaves from various nutritional and medicinal plants.
Skin Name:Petyarre (Pitjara)
Region:Utopia, Central Australia
Dreaming:Awelye, Bush Medicine & Pencil Yam.
Jeannie Petyarre passed away on the 27th December 2022 in Alice Springs surrounded by her family.