Michelle Menzies painting, Titled : Obedience Class


Michelle Menzies painting Titled : Obedience Class

Size 101cm x 51cm

Stretched Canvas

About the Artist Michelle Menzies

Michelle was born in the Seychelles and with her family of eight siblings emigrated to Perth Western Australia. She attended secondary school in Perth and went on to train as a Registered Nurse (RN). She worked as an RN for many years when she retrained as a legal Practitioner. She was admitted to the Bar in the Northern Territory as solicitor and Barrister. She worked in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory as Associate to his Honour Judge Mildren.

She was recruited by Asthma Northern Territory and instigated many programs to assist people who suffered with asthma. This position married her nursing training and her law degree. She was then asked by the Chamber of Commerce to assist them as second in charge. In both positions she travelled extensively around the Northern Territory.

After some time Michelle trained as a National mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) preferring this concept to assist people on both sides in coming to acceptable agreements. She also worked with businesses and settling disputes with staff and customers.

It was time to retire and Michelle decided to start painting. Her new passion has provided much relaxation together with a hobby that is providing her with a wonderful outlet. There are two other artists in the family so it did make sense that this would develop over time. She also takes work on commission and shares her love of painting with others. She is a member of the Cairns Art Society and volunteers two afternoons a month as do other member artists. She does exhibit her work in particular Artists of the North, Babinda exhibitions when they were being held and expects to put some of her work in the show this year.