Wirrawaka Painting SOLD

Acrylic on Canvas

Titled :

Height 100 cm x   Width 75 cm


Trevor and Olivia Peckham are an extremely talented husband and wife team from Cairns Far North Queensland who have been making and decorating genuine indigenous crafted quality didgeridoos and Painting unique and superb contemporary artworks.

Trevor was born and raised in Mareeba by his grandfather, a traditional owner and elder of the Wiradjuri tribal group. This is where Trevor learnt his didgeridoo crafting and unique carving style that is now his signature on all his didgeridoos.

Olivia was born and raised in Cherbourg, an Aboriginal community north of Brisbane, having moved to North Queensland with her mother and 3 sisters over 20 years ago. Coming from a large family of artists she was encouraged to paint from an early age and has developed her own distinct style using vibrant contemporary colours