Polly Ngale : Large Bush Plum Painting – Australian Aboriginal Art


Polly Ngale : Beautiful large Bush Plum Painting

2390mm x 1520mm

Acrylic on canvas – stretched


Artist: Polly Ngale
Skin Name: Ngale
Born: c.1940
Region: Utopia, Northern Territory
Language: Anmatyerre
Subjects and Themes (Dreamings): Bush Plum

Sacred to the people of Ahalpere, “Anwekety” In Polly’s native language, also known as Conkerberry/Bush plum are among the stories of dreamtime. The story follows – ‘winds blew from all directions carrying the seed of this sweet black berry over the land. The first conkerberry then grew, bore fruit and dropped more seeds. Winds blew these seeds all over the Dreaming lands.’ In Polly’s lifetime, often her paintings depicted the Conkerberry Story.

Polly was one of Australia’s senior Aboriginal Artist, and her artwork is renowned, and she was considered one of the most accomplished artists from the Utopia region. Pollys work was exhibited alongside Emily Kame Kngwarreye in Tokyo in 2008.