Wanjidari Quinkan Painting Australian Aboriginal Art


A Beautiful Wanjidari Quinkan Original Painting By Leanne Reid Wanjidari

in Aboriginal Mythology a Quinkan is symbolised by a spirit type being /person depicted in rock and cave paintings of northern Queensland .Quinkan are abstract figures that take a vaguely humanoid shape, although their forms are stretched and elongated to unnatural proportions.

The artwork of Quinkan is found primarily in the aptly named area of Queensland known as Quinkan Country.

The oldest artworks are estimated to be 15,000 to 30,000 years old, detailing different cultural practices, laws and Aboriginal spirituality.

Acrylic on Paper  Framed


Leanne Reid Wanjidari



Leanne “Wanjidari” Reid, Wadja Wadja artist, was born in 1966 and raised in Woorabinda, an Aboriginal community in central Queensland. Wanjidari is her tribal name, meaning ‘little white flower’. In 1984 she moved to Cairns and began art studies at the Aboriginal and Islander Art Centre at Cairns TAFE, graduating in 1986. She has painted ever since, creating works in which symbolic renditions of native forest and sea creatures and Quinkan figures are set within textured fields of colour.